- Solace [2011-2013] installation


a soap film apparatus

Solace is a cinematic installation that explores the mental process and physical activity of seeing. At regular intervals a handcrafted apparatus creates a monumental soap film as a spatial intervention. Through precise lighting the inner movement of the soap film is revealed, showing a turbulent choreography of iridescent color and fluid motion. As gravity slowly gets a hold of the membrane the viewer can be fascinated with the phenomenon, until inevitably the fragile film bursts.

Photo: Christiaan van Doesburg

Photo Martin Weber

The analogue imagery created in Solace has a digital reference. The monumental transparent screen is lifted as an interventon in the space. It creates a temporary layer that can be seen as a metaphorical reflection on augmented reality.


Technical support & software: Mister Stock Interfaces

Solace [2013]: Made possible through the generous support of The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.