Solaris at Saatchi Gallery

I was very proud to present my latest work Solaris at the Saatchi Gallery in London this last October. It was shown as part of a triptych, together with the work of Matthijs Munnik and Geert Mul and presented by curator Piet de Jonge with the subject matter of DEFYING THE NOTION OF ART AS COMMODITY

Piet de Jonge: “My choice is a critical note to the concept of an art fair where artworks are being traded. This selection of works is about the necessity of taking your time to actually experience the impact of an artwork. All three artists work with the notion of time and visual impact. They are presenting works that defy the notion of the artwork as a commodity.”


Solace at ]Interstice[ Festival, Caen, France

Solace was shown in May at the ]Interstice[ Festival in Caen, France together with great works from ao. Cod.Act, Ryoichi Kurokawa and Aki Onda
For more information on the Festival, click here
For images of Solace during the exhibition, click here

It was shown in a renewed version with a new mechanical system, software and recipe, to obtain longer lasting soap films, this resulted in fractal like patterns in the soap films.                                        (click on image for larger photo)


Solace at Almost Cinema, Ghent

I was very happy to present Solace at Almost Cinema 2012. It was presented under the best conditions, especially temperature wise. The soap films lasted very long and new patterns started to appear in the film. Thanks to HC Gilje for the image.
                                       (click on image for larger photo)


Blogs about Solace in Huffington Post & The Creators Project

Solace received a beautiful review from the Huffington Post and I also gave an interview to The Creators Project about my work.

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& 2 reviews in the Triangulation Blog and FastCoDesign

Solace in Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh, US

I’m very proud to present Solace as part of the group show ”Light, Matter, Memory“, together with works from Yoko Seyama (JP), Macular (NL) and Diane Landry (CA).

The exhibition will open on July 14th at 17:30 at Wood Street Galleries and runs till the 9th of Sep 2012, daily, except for Monday & Tuesday

Location: Woodstreet Galleries, 601 Wood Street, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

More information about “Light, Matter, Memory” on the Wood Street Galleries website: see here.
Update: for some images of the opening: see here.

Circuit Dress at TechnoSensual

Update: for a review about the exhibition in the Volkskrant: click here.

My work Circuit Dress will be exhibited as part of the exhibition ‘TechnoSensual: where fashion meets technology‛ on electronic textiles and wearable technology, together with works from Bart Hess (NL), Royal Philips Electronics (NL), Valerie Lamontagne (CA), Anouk Wipprecht (NL), Melissa Coleman (NL), Meg Grant (NL) and Graham Smith (CA/NL)

The exhibition will open on June 14 at 20:00 at Freiraum Quartier21 INTERNATIONAL and starts the ‘MQ Summer of Fashion’ and runs from Jun 15-Sep 2, daily.

Location: Freiraum Quartier21 INTERNATIONAL, Quartier21/MuseumsQuartier Wien.

For more information on the festival click here.